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This weekend is the big huge city-wide Summer Solstice party here in Santa Barbara.  This town loves its Solstice.  There's a wild parade that packs the streets and downtown parks and everyone is pretty much really drunk or really sun-stroked (or both).  When I first moved here, I'd gather with my out-of-town friends for a day of festivities that lasted long into Sunday and I loved it.  Now that most of them have moved further away, I've been adopted into other groups of local friends and jump from group to group throughout the day... tonight I'll go to a house-party and get to hang with a bestie.  I'm learning to drop just a little bit of work for more free time these days and I'm living it up.   Thank goodness...

Some fun links for you, gathered this past week from around the web...

I really like this home renovation from a 1907 schoolhouse.

He refused to let this beer drown, so he went in after it. (anyone else think this is hot?)

I'm thinking of taking a couple days off in August to spend at a swanky LA hotel.  This is one of my picks.

John Oliver interviews Stephen Hawking.  So funny.

What a lovely dress.

Pretty much.

Enjoy a good weekend, friends.

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