Into the Weekend

Isn't it funny how the feeling of Summer doesn't hit until it hits?  You can't force that kind of thing.  So I'm just waiting for the lazy, frolicsome, dreaminess to kick in.  It's coming, I can feel it.

I'd be so remiss if I didn't share my love and appreciation for my extraordinarily kind and loving father.  He's taught me great things about creativity, generosity, and the power of a sense of humor.  What a good good man.

In the meantime, some links gathered - just for you- from around the web this week...

Beautiful book cover art

Scratch-off save-the-date invitations

Jim Carrey got it right.

Such a pretty simple outfit.

Of all that is holy...

Yes yes yes.

Enjoy a peaceful weekend, friends.

[colorful umbrellas on beach]
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