Into the Weekend

This weekend I'll be helping out at the tattoo shop; also a friend earned her license in acupuncture, so I'm heading off to a party to celebrate that tonight.  There will be tacos and a fire pit which I think is pretty perfect.  

I've been deep in design mode for new scarves, a new scent line that I've been developing for a few years (finally coming to fruition, thank goodness), new hair accessories that I'm really excited about, and a few surprise accessories for a brand spanking new line coming by Fall 2014.  Now all I have to do is exercise patience.  It takes practice.

For now, some fun links gathered just for you from around the web...

Reminds me of being a little girl with my dad :)  Plus this... so sweet.

How to store produce. Good to know. (click image once to enlarge)

Have a fun weekend, friends.

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