Into the Weekend

pink peonies

Last night I kicked the weekend off by joining in a taco dinner party over at my friends' house.  It was filled with conversations of art and the intricacies of the randomness of life (of which I tend to get a little too idealistic and emotional about).  I enjoy the company of good people and there sure were some good ones there.  It was a nice addition to a week of gatherings + and time spent with Mars the Dog (plus... Happy Birthday, sweet boy!).   Heading out to a friend's birthday party tonight (it's become clear to me that I have a lot of friends with May birthdays:) and then a Sunday morning coffee with a dear friend.  I'll get some work done in there somewhere, too.  But, in the meantime, some fun links for you...

A stunning reminder to be conscious of the world around us.

Formal place settings (I almost always mess this up.)

Oh, 1998

Bunny eating raspberries! (with over 10.5 million views, I guess I'm not the only one who finds this exciting.)

Always always true.

Have the happiest of weekends, friends.
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