The Party

I'll just be straight up.  I fell behind this week and I sucked with keeping up with blog posting.  I'm sorry about that.  Wish List has been horribly neglected for the mere reason that I let myself not lose my mind over trying to catch up after a week and a half jam packed with project deadlines and developments.  It's all good, as the kids say.  Mostly because one of my side-projects was putting together the 10 year anniversary party for my ex-husband Sebastian's tattoo shop last Saturday.  I was there at the beginning of it all and it felt just right to help to create a happy and festive space to celebrate the years, the clients, the clients who have become friends, and the friends who will remain for a lifetime.  It was a packed house and it was awesome.  This night filled my heart in so many huge, surreal, powerful, and wonderful ways. 

That's Matt.  I met him through Sebastian a way long time ago and he fast became one of my favorite friends of all time.  He's hysterical and so much fun to hang out with; a good friend.  And, anyway, he surprised us by flying in from Massachusetts for the party.  I saw him walk through that door and I flipped the heck out.  That's me bawling into him, above.  Snots all over his shirt, I'm sure.  Worth it. (A shout-out to Matt's lovely wife, Liz, for helping to make this surprise happen.)

Good happy friends all around, thoughtful gifts, lots of hugs.

I could have died happy that night.  But I'm so glad I didn't.  There's so much more I'm ready to welcome in...

There are a ton more photos from the party.  Want to see them?  Peek over HERE.

[top photo by Amber Mazzacano-Richards / all other photos by Myriah Bujak]
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