Into the Weekend

There's an earth day celebration in the park today, and although I'm really just an unapologetic tree-hugger, I'd prefer to avoid the hoopla of crowds of people standing around, sweating profusely, without an awareness of personal space.  However, my friends are hanging out there and that makes it more fun, so I'll be doing some frolicking in the sun and then going to a party afterward.

Also I've been feeling this surreal combination of knowing, boldness, wild hope, and terrifying insecurity.  If I can just remove that last bit, I think April will close with a life-changing shift.  Wish me luck with that.

For you, some fun links gathered from around the web this week...

This is something cool (but the poor penguins!)

I really like this outfit for lounging around the house.

Have a fun weekend, friends.

[the sun print]

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