Into the Weekend

So my internet has been out at my place and it has kind of sent me on a wild goose chase.  It's a real eye-opener for how much of a dependency I have on such things that I wish I didn't have a dependency on.  But it's also given me the much needed time to begin organizing non-internet related stuff like my materials and journals and the like.  It all needs to get done at some point and I'm thankful for this blessing in disguise; again.  There have been a lot of those lately.

Over the coming month, I'll be sharing a few more personal posts... things like thoughts about the past year on the close of my marriage (May marks a year since we made the choice; a good one, a healthy one for us) and some thoughts on what it means to have secret wishes and why I think it's important to allow for them in your life.  I also keep getting more and more requests for photos of my life, behind the scenes.  I promise to get back to the Style shoots like this, this, and this by late-May, but in the meantime you can follow me over on my Instagram page, if you'd like.  That'll give you a good dose to tide you over.

As always, thank you for your sweet and uplifting support, dear friends.  When I say that I couldn't continue doing this without you here cheering me on, I sure do mean it.  So thanks for that. 
For you, some fun links collected from around the interwebs this week.  Enjoy...

Easter candy nests.

This video of these two older women flying for the first time is so sweet.

Stylish couples snapped at city hall (I love the diversity here.)

This dog.

A really good guideline for life, don't you think?

Enjoy a happy Easter or a happy Sunday, whichever you prefer to celebrate.  And I hope you will be good to yourself; whatever you choose, I hope it's something that makes you glad you are alive.
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