Into the Weekend

I took some pictures of the sky today.  I almost got run over by a car while staring up, but... worth it.  I did it for you, dear readers.  For you!  Also, this crazy cool car.  I see it almost every day and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someday I'll meet its owner and he/she will let me sit in it and pretend it's mine for just a little while...

This weekend I'm thanking my lucky stars for the good friends I spent time with this past week.  I'm surrounded by a nice heap of quality people.  Tomorrow I'm finalizing some details for the tattoo shop party that I've been put in charge of (Eeeks!  Exciting!) and swinging by the first birthday party of the son of the sweetest parents.  I love wobbly toddlers, so this should be fun.

In the meantime, these links just for you...

Dad's baby-inspired workout.

23 reasons you wish Danny Castellano were your boyfriend.  (I just started watching The Mindy Project... kind of really digging it.)

I want to see this documentary.

30 nice things.

Damn, Paul Newman.

Have a good weekend.
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