Into the weekend

david sedaris / catherine masi instagram

I'm heading into this really beautiful rainy weekend having spent a week well lived... more powerful realizations (I swear I'm going through some crazy transformation right now; it's bizarre and incredible and a little disorienting still) and more fun adventures like seeing David Sedaris (such an adorable and wickedly witty guy), grabbing cocktails with friends, book signing with the author of a fantastic Wes Anderson book (see this post!), and getting another chance to watch friends play with their band Holdfast Rifle Company.

cocktail at sama sama / catherine masi instagram

I love all the action but I also love peace, quiet, and calm- which is why I'll be having a cuddle visit with Mars the Dog this afternoon before heading back home to make hot cocoa, dig into some books, and listen to the rain fall.

In the meantime, for you, these links...

Salt water taffy rainbow cabob (Wha?!  Oh, yes.)

Oh, Alaska.

Enjoy a good weekend, friends.

[all photos via instagram]

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