Into the Weekend

Hiroshi Hamaya of children singing in a snow cave (circa 1956)

I love this image by Hiroshi Hamaya of children singing in a snow cave (circa 1956), don't you?  The sweetest.  This is a nice segue into the weekend, what with the wintery-ness and all.  Although, the temps aren't hitting much below 55 degrees out here in California.  But, thankfully, we got some rain this week.  Fend off the impending drought for an afternoon or two...

Anyhow, I'm heading out to the art museum this afternoon.  I haven't been in what seems like forever, so this will be a nice treat.  What are you up to this weekend?

Some great links gathered this week from around the web (just for you):

This is my collection model Erin in one of her growing number of TV appearances.  She's got star-power.  Love her. (UPDATE: Plus this one!)

Really cute ceramic cups.

This dog.

Holy geez, yum.

I find this to be very very (very) true.

Have yourselves an inspiring weekend, friends.

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