Into the weekend

I slept in.  Until really late in the morning.  I also had a strong cup of coffee late last evening.  It ultimately, in an unexpected twist, gave me one of the best sleeps of my life.  So today, I'm staying in.  It's overcast outside; a lazy Saturday.  And, boy, have I needed this.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day; the first on my own in years.  I felt good and I was not at all ashamed or embarrassed to have spent the day buying a huge bouquet of flowers for myself, treats for friends and their kiddos, and an evening alone creatively fueled by that strong cup of coffee I mentioned.   I am neither a lover of nor a hater of Valentine's Day.  I remain relatively unmotivated about the whole concept.  But the day was good to me, both in process and in the eventual outcome.  So, today, I enjoy myself and my home; nestled in and cozy.  I'll also be working on redesigning this blog.  It needs a fresh start.  So keep an eye out for the new look (maybe by the time you read this, it'll be up and running... fingers crossed!)

In the meantime, some great links gathered this week from around the interwebs...

The new wave of business cards?

This is so beautiful. (I'm sure I'd get lost in staring at it.)

What cool swinging chairs!

These sweet shoes.

And this.

Have a well-rested weekend, friends.

[beautiful bouquet]
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