For Your Monday

How's that for a reminder?  I can't tell you how often I'm out and see tables of people just sitting looking at their phones, or I'm out seeing a band play and so many people in the audience are looking at their phones... only to all of a sudden pop on a big smile for a photo for facebook or instagram and then back to being unenthused with what they are experiencing.  But we all want to show we had an awesome time, so that's what ends up happening sometimes- a fascade is created.

I understand the tendency here, I do.  I'm sure I've done it to an extent. But I'm also very conscious of any photos I post publicly.  I vowed from the start that they need to be true and authentic and I hope to never sacrifice experiencing a beautiful moment for a photo on Instagram. 

Here's to creating a good feeling life...  Enjoy where you are.

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