Into the Weekend

This week was filled with a good dose of inspiring friendships (see a photo from my Friday morning breakfast visit with model Erin, behind the scenes photographer Cody and their lovely mama Rebecca over on the shop Facebook page. ).   This photo of the sunshine sparkling on the ocean was taken on my drive back home along the coast (Not taken while I was driving, I promise!). I was also in full project mode and figuring out when to hold off and when to jump in.  It's a precarious balance.  At any rate, I'm about to begin construction of the pieces for the S/S 2014 line in time for the upcoming photoshoot.  The new collection launches February 5th, so keep an eye out if you'd like.

In the meantime, some fun links gathered for you from around the interwebs...

These look delicious, don't they?

This dialect quiz nailed me.  Down to the town next door from where I grew up.  Uncanny.

An adorable bow shower curtain.

These business cards. (Gasp!)


I'm off to meet up with some friends for the afternoon.  The sun is out and it's been warm (so warm, in fact, that there's been talk of a possible drought coming).
Have a happy weekend, friends.

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