Into the Weekend

Today has been pretty powerful; I'll just say it.  It comes at the end of a big week of designing and lots of meetings- expanding my scope of creative collaborations- and I am feeling energized and strong.  I think I've found the balance between being selective about incoming projects and saying yes to everything; it's freeing and exciting.  Though I know it's ever evolving and I know to still keep focused.  What I don't know is where I'm needing to end up during this stage.  But maybe we never know until we do, right?  Ah well.

What has come of this whole experience, in a totally bizarre and round-about way, is a deep knowing to not take shit and, as I'm (very) slowly approaching the (very daunting) dating world again, I know there's no need to settle for less than kindness and beautiful love.   Even if that means just being with myself (I'm not easily bored with life, so at least I'll be entertained).  And anyway, the photo above reflects my sentiments exactly; best illustrating the freedom and the empowerment I feel.  Fingers crossed I manage to maintain much of it (give or take).

I'm off for a farewell party for a friend at a wine bar this evening and then, after I return home to finish up on a couple designs, I just want to lay in bed with hot chocolate or tea and read this book.

For you, some neat links from around the web...

I saw this documentary last week and am in awe of his talent.

These chairs are pretty cool.

You'll find me trying this restaurant out sometime in the next couple of months.


Enjoy a hopeful weekend, friends.  See ya back here on Monday...
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