Into the Weekend

winter in vienna

I have no idea where the heck this week went, but it went and here we are ready to kick off the last weekend before Christmas revs up.   There were a few days in there where I was lucky enough to have lunch or coffee visits with people I love and, tonight, I'm hanging with a friend for taco night.  We're on a kind of quest to find the worst movie, so likely that'll be happening too.  The rest of the weekend I'll be making a few more pieces of jewelry and enjoying some time at home with the heat cranked up just enough to feel cozy.  I look forward to this.

For you, some fun links gathered along my interwebs travels...

Gift wrapping ideas here + here.

Fun diy stockings

Despite it all, I always do.

And this.  And then this.

Enjoy a happy weekend, friends.

[winter in the vienna]
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