Into the weekend

This weekend, I'm gathering, is the weekend for all things Holiday celebrating around town.  So I'll be swinging around here and there to meet up with friends at a few parties and events.  I think it'll be fun and a much needed catch up time with some of my peoples.   These past few weeks have been intense in so many powerful and reflective ways.  I hope to come through it all a little bit more capable, wiser, and full of (even more) beautiful revelations.  Life's a trip, isn't it?

I'm about to close up the computer and pick up my phone to reconnect with a couple friends who live elsewhere; I miss them dearly and wish I could manage the time to catch up with them more than every few months.  New stories of their families, his wife, her husband, their infant, their toddler, the dogs and cats, jobs, projects, life.  I cannot express how much I love and respect my friends and how lucky I feel to have had many of them in my life over years and years.  They get me and they still keep me around; man, is that a relief.

For you, some great links gathered from around the interwebs...

The metro in Paris.  Who knew it could be so pretty?

Outdoor movie for kids.

My kid's insane Christmas list. (The dad's annotations are SO funny.)

Ziplining in the Alps.  Would you do it?

And this.

Have a fun weekend, friends.

[photo credit: loyal dog photography]
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