Wishbones always make me think of my Gramps.  He was a really smart, witty, and innovative man so it's not a bad association.   What's even more impressive is that he came from a poor upbringing and was only able to make it through the 4th grade before he had to quit school and work to help his family.  He was authentic.  He spoke honestly and with strength and conviction; never showy, always humble.

I love that these thoughts of him, likely not random, came from seeing this wishbones image today.  I'm reminded how he was practical, hard-working, insightful.  And I'd like to think, because he would hand us wishbones he found while carving the Thanksgiving turkey, that he was also hopeful.  You've got to be at least a little bit hopeful to share a wishbone, don't you think?  It lends itself to possibilities of desires, dreams, and aspirations. Wishbones aren't just about luck.  Maybe they were our little reminders to make a wish that would ultimately make us feel motivated and inspired to find ways to create the life we love.  However simple, his life was always true and genuine.  He had the strength to be himself while also maintaining a sharp sense of humor about pretty much everything.  A very good man, that Gramps.

I'm handing you a wishbone.  You break it in your favor.  What is the true essence of your wish? Not to win the lottery, not to win a race.  But what motivates you to move forward with passion and hope?  Maybe that's a good indicator of what to strive for in life.   It's something I'm going to think on...

[wishbones via style me pretty]
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