The Weekend

beach and ocean - santa barbara / montecito california

I originally had a whole paragraph of ramblings about weekends and working and blah blah blah, but you know what?  I deleted it. And, truth be told,  I feel damn lucky for this life (see the beach photo above for proof of that).  Also, this past week I had the honor of photographing my friends' wedding, which was a first.  But that's how I'm rolling these days... I'm saying yes to pretty much everything that feels nice.  I say you try the same.

Want to see some cool links from around the web this week?  Here ya go...

I'd really like to ride in this art deco London subway car.

For true love.

When baby elephants get upset. 

Might as well be my mantra these days.

Have a weekend filled with lots of hope, friends.

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