Happy Weekend

catherine masi and mars the dog

I took Mars for his usual afternoon walk and thought I might have my phone along to snap a picture.  Glad I did because, my gosh, that face.  That alone makes my weekend great.  But I also went to a full moon party last night; had some treats, drank some champagne and met a kindred spirit or two - which is pretty cool.  Tonight I'm thinking of staying in to work on a few holiday headpiece designs and maybe watch an Inside the Actor's Studio where Paul Newman is interviewed.  Ah, that man.

In the meantime, here are some fun links from around the web...

This Alexander McQueen dress is stunning (but I have no idea how or where I could pull it off).

Kids and glasses... the adorableness is overwhelming.

Japanese kindergarteners sing the Dayman song from It's Always Sunny.  I cannot come near to expressing how awesome this is. (also note Peter Griffin on the white board).

Wow.  Very true.

Have a good weekend, friends.

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