These pancakes, my god.

roasted strawberry coconut cream pancakes

I'm a traditional pancake girl.  No added nuts, blueberries, buckweat, or bananas (actually, I might eat banana pancakes, as long as they're not chunky).  I'll really only go as far as adding some chocolate chips to sweeten them up even more.  Top with butter and Vermont maple syrup, serve up at midnight, and you've got a happy late-night snacker.

But then I saw this recipe and it got me thinking... can I break my pancake tradition?  I think I'd do it for a taste of these roasted strawberry and coconut cream pancakes.  I surprise myself with this, but don't you think they'd be tasty?  Or pretty.  I think they'd taste pretty, if nothing else.

Want to try it out, too?  Here's the full recipe.
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