It sort of pains me to admit this, but I will.  I'm fessing up to feeling a little too much love for Instagram.  I like having a glimpse into the different worlds of the friends, artists, and designers I follow and having the chance to see the moments they capture throughout the day.  The trick, for me anyway, is to not get caught in the trap of feeling like we have to document every single experience every single day.  I think that takes away a lot of the joy of life.  I don't want to obsessively share every detail of my life in place of happily diving in and living it.  There's a balance in there somewhere.  So here, in a small selection of pictures, is my attempt at sharing that balance via my Instagram.  A little peek...

(the above photo is from a girls-night with friend, Steph)

Wearing my new vintage shoes (from Poppyfrock Vintage) while hanging with pal, Deja.

I got lucky with this shot taken at Butterfly beach in Montecito near sunset-time. 

This old Volvo needs me to take it home and love it up.  Someday...

I was in Anthropologie one day just looking around and I thought this bottle and the peaceful colors were lovely.  (Owls are everywhere, aren't they?)

When I visited with my family back East this past Spring, I had some quality time with my nieces and nephews- here are some snapshots from my instant camera. 

Out on a walk one afternoon, the carvings on this church jumped out at me.  Stunning, isn't it?

Spare tire on an old Woody parked on the street.

And Mars the Dog.  Always a photo of my sweet boy...

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