About secrets

I'm a social person; sharing life stories is one of the biggest thrills I can think of.  But I hold a lot of thoughts sacred.  Though, truth be told, I can be chatty and maybe sometimes have given away information about myself that I could have kept a little more, you know, quiet.  But as far as much of the inner workings go, I have preferred to set some boundaries- especially on social media sites, including this blog.  

This may change; not a whole bunch but enough to open up about some things that I've avoided sharing for fear, for fear, for fear.  There have been some life changes in my world over the past months.  And I can assure you that even though everything is seemingly flipped everywhichway by society's standards, my life is wildly beautiful and I'm really thankful for all these changes.  Who knew?  I sure wouldn't have expected to feel this way.

Why all the purposeful vagueness?  I'm alluding to this now because I've thought amply about it, choosing to be more open and free with who I am.  There will be boundaries still (I can be a deeply private person- something I prefer to maintain on certain levels) but I'm about ready to share more stories.  It's time.  And I hope you will all feel okay with that. 

Also, I'll be opening the comment section back up, below.  I've mentioned before that some of the comments hadn't processed through and I think it was a coding error.  Fingers crossed (for the five zillionth time) that it's fixed. So, if you're curious about anything, ask away (you are free to email me, if you prefer).  In the meantime, in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some thoughts about these changes I spoke (wrote?) of. 

I think I'm ready.

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