This week... Built to Spill

To be quite honest, this past week has been kind of gnarly.  But what's come out of that is my renewed love for a good schedule,  a smart organizational process, and the desire to bake.

The other good thing that came out of the week was going with some friends to see Built to Spill (photo above).  I am a fan.  The first song of theirs I ever heard was put on a tape, given to me by my friend Chris.  He put an awesome mix together in the beginning months of our friendship, including Magnetic Fields, Guided by Voices, Daniel Johnston, and this song from Built to Spill.  I have happy memories of that time in my life, so I always jump to see them play. 

Then I compiled a few good links from around the web...

Wish I was in London just so I could experience this MoMA exhibit.

What a neat photoshoot collaboration for Libby Story's lookbook.

Some of these are really funny.

I want to try out Huckleberry Cafe next time I visit friends in Santa Monica.

I'm thinking of taking the day off on Saturday.  Hoping I will manage to bake something tasty... wish me luck.

Have a relaxing weekend, friends.
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