Maine + New Hampshire...

maine lighthouse

The second leg of my trip back east was spent visiting the folks in Maine.  It's a truly beautiful place to be.  My dad and step-mom "retired" there some years back (I say retired, but I think they're more active now than ever- which is fun to see.)  Here we are together at their new favorite coffee shop, CIA.  The owner, Jeannie, who took this picture is SO wonderful and such a lovely artist.  
This stop was a happy treat...

catherine masi + folks

I was reminded of the difference in coastlines.  There's a rugged salt of the earth beauty to the Atlantic ocean.  You breathe in and feel grounded and sure of your footing.  The Pacific ocean has been a good balance to that for me (softer, open, sparkling with sunshine).  But how stunning is this Maine shore?

maine coastline

They also took me to another favorite spot, Scratch Baking Company... adorable and delicious.

scratch baking company - portland, maine

 A rainy afternoon visit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire...

portsmouth, new hampshire

with a lunch break at this restaurant (The Friendly Toast) - think bizarre 1950's eye candy and a stoner's delight menu. 

the friendly toast - portsmouth, new hampshire

And storefronts... always keeping my eye out for pretty storefronts.

gus and ruby letterpress - portsmouth, new hampshire

But, really, this trip largely comes down to the moment I was able to devour some Dunkin' Donuts chocolate glaze munchkins.  Oh have I missed them so...

dunkin donuts

dunkin donuts

I'll be back at the end of the week with a few of the sweetest photos from my stay.  
I can't wait to share them with you.
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