Local Love: Our Daily Bread

Have I shared how much I love bread? It's a crazy food obsession of mine and I generally mean to cut  back on it but always end up deciding against it and scarf down another bunch. I like bread and I should really feel less apologetic about it given the amount of joy it brings me. 

So when a local bakery + lunch spot, Our Daily Bread, moved to a new location, my friend Jacci suggested we scope it out.  I left feeling the best kind of contentment.  Here's why...

The decor is bright, light, and vibrant and the people working there are exceptionally personable and super welcoming. 

But the food... oh the food.  I got a Laurie salad- which I think will be my go-to dish for a while. 

Totally enoyed it.

Our Daily Bread
2700 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, California
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