Into the weekend...

coloring together

So much stuff is in the works, you guys... so much; and this week had me spinning around with all of it.   This is what's happening in my little world:

* My next collection- which I probably already mentioned a million times- is inspired by a very favorite era in books/design/fashion, the 1920s and is hot in the construction stage.  Think: stars, constellations, the night sky, a sunny afternoon, and a great love of life.  It'll be released in two phases: Phase One (out by the end of this month)- Product shots; and Phase Two (out by the end of June)- Headpieces on Models.  These designs are really all about loving a good party.  I'll be keeping you posted.

* I'm working on a book.  Yep.  It's an intense concept and I'm feeling overly excited about it all.  I can't give away any big chunks of information on it just yet, but I can say I'm working on it with a gifted friend and it involves art.  We're in the beginning stages and there's still a whole bunch to do- but wow.  Fingers and toes crossed for a productive run.

* Got some traveling up ahead!  I'll share photos from all of that in the next couple of weeks.

* I'm finally on Instagram-  just signed up today, as a matter of fact.  Come follow me, if you'd like.

* I'm loving my friends and have been feeling an incredible amount of thankfulness for them lately.  It's a nice feeling.

* Happy Mother's day! This photo + this one are, I think, nice tributes to moms everywhere.

Enjoy a memorable weekend, friends.

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