About this week...

white and black polka dots / pink belt - catherine masi

Style photoshoot (the photo above is a behind the scenes shot via my instagram)... new product line launch... new 1920s headpieces + jewelry in creation mode (released very very soon)... and a whole heck of a lot of things going on beneath the surface.  That's been my past week.  And from the look of my recent blog posts, the color pink has played a big role... who knew? 

I'm feeling a combination of emotions lately about a couple of things I'm not yet prepared to share, but will in good time.  But I'm hopeful... always shamelessly hopeful. This quote from Henri Nouwen
is my mantra: We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.  I think it's a beautiful reminder, don't you?

In the meantime, here are some links you might enjoy...

Yeah, I'd totally eat this.

This song is on repeat in my head.

Have a peaceful weekend.

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