This week...

ca'dario's pizzeria - wine and beer

Sebastian and I celebrated our anniversary this week by taking an afternoon + evening off to enjoy a long, relaxing, and kind of extravagant (for us, anyway) lunch.  When we arrived at the restaurant, it was hopping and packed with people.  And when we were getting up to leave, I noticed we were the only ones left in the place.  Felt like a mini-vacation (the wine, beer, and coffee helped with that).

ca'dario's pizzeria - caprese salad (wonderful)

This caprese salad was insanely tasty.  And the pizza... perfect.

ca'dario's pizzeria - pizza

You might notice that paint on our hands (and in my hair).  We spent our day off the day before painting a wall in our house and, man, does that stuff stick.  I think we've finally removed all traces of it from everywhere but the actual wall.

ca'dario's pizzeria

Does this place know how to make a good cappuccino? Yes.  Yes, it does.  I was a very happy girl.

ca'dario's pizzeria - cappuccino

Sebastian's espresso soaked ice cream treat...

ca'dario's pizzeria - dessert

... and the entire dessert course spread...

I had to add this adorable baby feet photo.  Friend, Amy, and her sweet little boy were also having lunch when we were there.  I couldn't resist snapping a shot of his little toes.

baby feet 

My week, in general, was all kinds of busy- but entirely productive, so that's good.  Plus I made it to see the wonderful Band of Horses play last night.  What a great band.

Still even greater is my very favorite city, Boston.   A week of scrambling to make sure all of my friends are safe and trying my best to stay off the news as not to freak out constantly over unconfirmed developments in the case.  Boston people, if you're reading this... I love you above and beyond.  A part of my home + some of my fondest memories are nestled in your incredible town and with you awesome awesome strong and mighty humans.   I'll be visiting soon to give some hugs...

Enjoy a weekend filled with much needed peace.
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