This week: Making and exploring...

 My mind has been in all sorts of creative nirvana lately.  That, combined with in-progress work for some customized design orders, is keeping me on my happy toes (or twinkle toes, as my dad calls me).  The photo above shows a nearly completed custom order design turned new item in my shop.  The photo below is a custom bridal piece... still working on it, but almost done!

For whatever reason, Santa Barbara lacks a good all-in-one-stop fabric shop.  I go to one in Ventura.  Anyway, it gives me an excuse to explore, as I like to do when I'm down there, and this time decided to take some photos of things like the architecture.  

While clicking photos of one of the buildings, I thought I saw someone wave at me from across the street.  Turned out to be my friend Andrew (a fun surprise).  Look at him waving in the photo on the lower left- this is still cracking me up.

And a great VW bug plus this cool art deco movie theater...


Looking forward to next week, when I'll have a little more to share about the collaborative project I've been working on.  In the meantime, here are some neat links from around the web:

This is trippy.

What a playroom! (check out the rock climbing wall)

I think I've been on both sides of this at least once in my life.

That should do.

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