Make 11 / Paint dipped chopsticks

I'm going to straight-up share an embarrassing fact about me; although more accurately it's about my fine motor skills.  I suck at using chopsticks.  Logically, I get how they are suppose to be held, but for whatever reason I still only manage to measure up to the developmental equivalent of a one year old when handling them.  To make matters worse, I end up asking for the children's chopsticks or (gasp!) a fork when we go out to the local Japanese restaurant.  It's ridiculous.

But this simple DIY just might have me practicing to master my chopsticking skills.  
Bonus: make a bunch of sets, package them in a gift box and give them as a cool housewarming gift.

The full paint dipped chopsticks DIY can be found on the great blog, Poppytalk.
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