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I'm what one might call a cheap date.  I'm a lightweight and any alcohol I sip does its thing after about a half a glass.  But I do enjoy a good drink now and again; even my favorite non-alcoholic drink, the Shirley Temple, gets an extra kick when served with a straw from a cool drink cart or bar.  I guess it's not so much the alcohol, but more the presentation of the drink that makes me feel giddy.

So, as we are making plans to remodel parts of our home, I can't help but imagine the drink cart as a new addition; what it will look like, where it will be placed, how to stock it.  Now, granted, these may already be a cliche- what with their once again cultural rise thanks to Mad Men- and they may not be particularly practical, but damn they are something fancy and, no less, produce something tasty.

Here are some ideas plus a list of drinks to stock as staples...

bar / drink cart

bar / drink cart

bar / drink cart

bar / drink cart

Or you could just throw all the stuff into a cabinet, but still.

Here's a great bar cart essentials list.  
(I'd just add grenadine and sprite for my shirley temple; plus champagne.)

And this Vintage Cocktails book...

vintage cocktails book

Live it up, peeps!

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