Sunny winter...

sunny winter cocktail - clementines , tequilla , cayenne

You know what would be a really nice afternoon treat?  This sunny winter cocktail.  I feel like just diving in and kicking back for a little while... sipping, savoring.  But really I have to get a whole bunch of work done for the collection launch.  Plus we have a friend staying over this week, in town from Denmark, so it'll continue to be an eventful next few days.  Maybe I'll save the drink for a late evening treat.

Anyhow, this drink is a ridiculously delicious mix of clementines, tequila, and cayenne... perfect for warming up a wintery day or night.  Check out this sunny winter cocktail recipe over at The Sweetest Occasion (and see how she pairs it with Mexican chocolate pudding.  What?!  Oh yes, friends.  Oh yes.)
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