trix krispie treats - so colorful!

I'm kind of freaking out over this version of rice krispie treats, trix krispies.  A little fact: when I was a kid, my grandma (we called her Nanny) always made rice krispie treats.  I seriously thought they were her family recipe brought over from Italy. Once, when my grade school had a bake sale, there were like 10 different people selling rice krispie treats.  This so confused me that I told my teacher they had stolen Nanny's recipe.  The resulting explanation was traumatizing.  I wasn't the most street-smart child.

I wonder what Nanny would have thought of this recipe.  Me?  I'm in for the collective insane sugar high and inevitable crash that will have me passing out in a pile of silk and lace ribbons on my work desk.  It's the one and only roller coaster that I will happily ride.

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