Once Upon a Time / 31

It's been such a nice week.  Lots of prep work, as per usual, for the upcoming photoshoot and lots of getting down to the nitty gritty to complete all the designs in time.  It's a challenge, but an invigorating challenge.  Anyway, here are some snippets, in image form, from my week...

To start, this is a glimpse of the least chaotic part of my work desk.  A cup of green tea with honey, a camellia flower from a tree in our tiny yard, and a collection of vintage Japanese saucers. 

catherine masi work desk

I had a visit with friend, Deja, and her little boy, Hudson (whose face beams when he smiles).  Deja has impeccable taste in vintage clothing.  And her online shop, Poppyfrock Vintage, has beautiful finds.  
( I'm borrowing a couple of dresses from her shop for the models to wear at the photoshoot.)

deja fields and son, hudson, of poppyfrock vintage 
deja fields and son, hudson, of poppyfrock vintage

Then we visited Waxing Poetic's Summerland boutique next door to the coffee shop.  Hudson wanted to get his picture taken.  How could I resist?  And that beaded lamp tucked in the corner... wow.

inside waxing poetic summerland, california

I allowed myself just a little bit of time to check out the antique shops in this sleepy beach side town.  Had I an extra 17 hours, they would have been spent browsing through them all...

summerland, california antiques
summerland, california anitques

 The models' wardrobe from Deja's collection that I mentioned?  Here's a peek:

catherine masi- behind the scenes 2013 collection wardrobe from poppyfrock vintage

and these from my own collection...

catherine masi - wardrobe behind the scenes - 2013 collection

And, so you are in the know, I went overboard with the number of pieces in this new one.  They are diverse in materials, but I hope in the final launch, you'll see the common threads in their stories.  Round one of the sneak peeks begins now (much more to come)...

catherine masi - 2013 collection sneak peek

catherine masi - 2013 collection- sneak peek

catherine masi 2013 collection sneak peek- colors!

Here are some links that I've been saving to share.  Enjoy!

I've recently reconnected with a high school classmate via Facebook (how else?!).  This is her perfectly written blog on being a mother (and then some).

Do I love this song or am I annoyed with it?  I'm not sure.  

Off to enjoy a fun Friday night.  Hope you do, too.
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