About resolutions...

To Resolve Project - stay curious

I'll be straight up with you.  Making (and mind you, keeping) new year's resolutions is not something I've ever really actively chosen to do.  For the past several years, all I've wanted to achieve is more calm in my life.  And, looking back, I can see its progression (thankfully).  So I'm sticking with that, I think.

That said, I do like listing out goals, wishes, hopes... that sort of thing.  And so my journals are generally packed with more practical stuff like, "Hire a marketing team." (in process!) and, "House remodel list" (baby steps).  But in between those pages, packed in deep, embedded, feverishly scrawled is where all else dwells.  These are my wishes (and in a way, resolutions, I guess.) 
Held sacred, wild, free.

Then I came across the To Resolve Project and thought these were a happy middle ground...

To Resolve Project - draw and color

To Resolve Project - look forward

To Resolve Project - read more books

To Resolve Project - embrace adventure

To Resolve Project - ride more

To Resolve Project - drink and draw

To Resolve Project - be generous in love and mercy

To Resolve Project - Live Freely

That will do.

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