Once Upon a Time / 24

To say that this week was insanely over-the-top busy would still be an understatement. For one,  I had a spray paint mishap.  The nozzel got clogged and while I was trying to unclog it- kind of a big mistake- it unloaded and sprayed in my right eye, all over my hair and face, and on a whole bunch of stuff within a 5 foot radius... fun!  This was a big lesson to slow the hell down.   Also, I am thankful my eye is fully functioning again.  So that's good.

Then I rounded up and launched the Holiday Collection.

But mostly, and really most importantly, we had our wonderful friends, Brian and Jen and their little boy Emmett in town for Thanksgiving.  They are the sort of friends everyone should be lucky enough to have... incredibly funny, kind, creatively and artistically talented, and humble as all get-out.  And that Emmett is the best of both of them... bright and joyful.   I teared up as they drove away (too soon), back home to the Bay area.

Here are some photos from our time together:

 Such a happy twosome, li'l Emmett and Auntie Cath...

catherine masi and little buddy

The soundtrack for our Thanksgiving...

 benny goodman record

Apple cider donuts shipped from Massachusetts (where Brian and I are from.  He's my brother's high school friend, so I've known him since I was 13!)

 apple cider donuts

Dinner!  No turkey.  Sebastian made ham.  As a vegetarian, I ate risotto, vegetables, corn bread, and quinoa.  Oh, and mashed potatoes, naturally.   (Awesome and, mind you, very typical shots of Brian.)

good peoples thanksgiving



And then these...

the best of the best, right here

I'm an obvious nut around kids.

nutty happiness

But the sweetest of them all...

My peoples

Am I thankful?  Yes, I am.

Enjoy a happy weekend, friends.

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