New vs. Vintage: Tomboy

Have you noticed the insane variety of stylin' outfits floating around?  I'm a picker and chooser- which means I don't typically aim to recreate an exact outfit I see, but certain parts of them might woo me.  In this more delicate version of a tomboy, for example, I really like the blouse + dark cuffed jeans + the red lipstick.  So then, for my own personal aesthetic, I'd likely switch out the shoes + purse + jewelry.  But I thought it might be fun to lay out a recreation of this outfit so you can pick and choose for yourself.  What catches your eye?

New + Pricey...
TomBoy: Two (New Designer version)

Vintage + A Happier Wallet...

TomBoy: One (Vintage Version)

I'm thinking of making this into a blog series... switching it up with a totally different outfit each week.  Let's see if I can get my act together for this.

TomBoy: Two (New Designer version) by cathmasi featuring low boots

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