Behind the Design: Custom Bridal Headpiece

Much of my work is based on custom orders for clients who want something exclusive to their hopes + vision, particularly for brides.  And this is where I step in.  So when I recently got a request from a bride on the East Coast to recreate the headpiece (but in blush pink) that Carrie wore to a wedding in the movie, Sex and the City 2, I was up for the job.  (Disclaimer: Don't hate, but I am not a Sex and the City watcher, so I had to spend an unusually exorbitant amount of time googling this + related images to get me in the loop.)
And... Voila!
To reinvent this, I sourced embroidered lace, hand dyed it naturally ( with strawberries!), and sewed the layers together to create the crown shape.

It was a real pleasure working with this client + bride-to-be (I've actually been pretty damn lucky with the brides I've worked with... no bridezillas, ever.)  This gal was enthusiastic, relaxed, and gave me creative freedom with this piece... making me one happy girl.

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