Word for the Week:: Motion

 ( Love this website )

The last few days I've felt like a slacker.  Even though I've let myself take normal person breaks and actually enjoy a normal person weekend with normal person party good times, I feel like I will need to overcompensate for this by moving along to a sped up fluid pace this week.
I've got two paintings to start and finish, prep work for an upcoming photo shoot for the Spring designs to process, and bits and pieces of about twelve other things.  So, basically,  it's just life moving fast and me keeping up.  But this motion is not a rush (oh no, I've learned my lesson from my past two weeks.), it's all about keeping the momentum and creating with gusto.  

This week is artistry in fluid motion.

p.s. my bicycle is almost up and running... can't wait to share the photos of her here soon!
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