Top Five Tuesday:: Colors

Used to be that the base AND the extension of my wardrobe was black.  Once in a while I might have worn a teeny bit of red or purple or, if I was daring, white sort of mixed in with the black.  But I mostly liked black because I'm clumsy and you can't see coffee or tea or paint or food stains on black... usually.  Also it all started in high school (shocker) when I started to think I could best identify with the music I was listening to if I wore a good coordinating color (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshee, Joy Division, The Smiths.  I was very predictable.).  But lately, in a very very peculiar twist of events, I've been drawn to wearing great big bursts of other colors (with black mixed in).
These are my favs...

1. Soft Pink.

2. Turquoise.

3. Red.

4. Ivory and Gold (tie).

( dress from PrizySebastian)

5. Navy Blue.

What color do you love to wear?

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