Word for the Week:: Slow

 (Apple Story by Yuliya Art)

I should have known that last week's Word for the Week (Quiet) would be a challenge.  My mind and my physical surroundings were very unquiet.  It was a week full of mockery from the world around me.  But that's cool because from that I learned what I really needed to do ...which was to slow the hell down.
So this week, it's Slow.

Slow down so I don't stub my toe when I'm running down the driveway to pick up my mail. Why was I even running to get the mail? Why?!  I mean, I love getting mail and all, but my usual nice leisurely stroll to the mailbox would have been been a little better... and certainly better on my right big toe that day.
Slow down so I don't smack my funny bone 43 times in one afternoon while I was rushing to pack orders and get them out the door.
Slow down so I don't slam my knee into the corner of my work table while I was busting a dance move to, yeah I'll admit it, Madonna's "Just Like a Prayer".

Last week was fast moving and loud.  Come to think of it, the quiet was shattered several times when I yelled out curses after I repeatedly nailed the aforementioned body parts.

Anyhow... this week... I'm slowing down.  Trusting that there's always enough time is a tricky thing.  I'm making my way there with a little bit of good old fashioned deep breaths and a little more faith in myself to create with ease.
Baby steps...
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