*Valentine's Giveaway* Crystal Charm

It's been quite a while since I held my last giveaway.  So it's due time.
For the winner... You're a Gem charm/pendant in your choice of swarovski crystal color (black diamond, pink, emerald, amethyst, golden shadow) in gold or silver.  This is a lovely little number (approx. 3/4 inch), perfect to add to your favorite necklace or bracelet.

This easy breezy contest is running through the evening of Wednesday, February 2nd.  Here are the rules...
* In the comment section below, share how you show your love for those you care about.
* Extra points: peruse through some previous posts on this blog and leave a comment under the ones that strike your fancy.  (This helps me to know what my readers are most attracted to in terms of subject matter.)
I am automatically notified when you leave a comment under any post, so no need to additionally inform me of your extra comments.
* Extra EXTRA points: Become a Facebook fan and suggest it to friends! (Much appreciated!) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ciara-Obscura/72466409533
* The winner will be notified by Thursday morning... good luck!

UPDATE:: The winner is Katie from Cambridge, Massachusetts!  Congratulations, Katie!
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