*Gift Pack Treasures*

I've received a number of requests for putting together an assortment of jewelry and hair adornments as a sort of gift basket for their special loves.  It's such a great idea that I thought I'd offer this option for everyone... bundle up three or more adornments and you'll save a whopping 30% on the entire order.  Throw in a gift certificate as an added bonus treat so your pal, family member, partner, your very favorite girl can enjoy even more possibilities after the Holidays (can be mailed as a hard copy card or emailed).

This is a super fun customized process, so definitely feel free to contact me and we can work out specific designs with your budget for the pack.

*UPDATE* Want just one or two items?  Everything in the Rare Bird and Luxe Bridal collections is 25% off with this code: Holiday2010 on the main website.
And nearly everything in the Etsy shop is 20-40% off up through December 31st or until materials and stock run out... whichever comes first!

Here are some examples of (but is not limited to) what is available...

Peaceful and Lovely:
 Festive and Regal:
 Luminous and Elegant:
Fun and Flirty:
 Cute and Bold:
 Unconventional and Colorful:
 Girly and Sassified:
 Powerful and Sophisticated:

Yay for the Holidays!
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