And so it begins...

I have no idea what day it is.  I mean, I can figure it out if I take the two seconds to calculate, but what I'm saying is my brain is done.  Tired.  Kaput.
How one single day can exhaust a person so much is beyond me.  But it's catch up time.  Time to finish up the final details on two trunk shows this coming week and a few custom orders, so life has been non stop.  I'm good with that though.  My life is satisfying and fulfilling and, really, made up of some truly cool and fascinating people.  I can live with that... motivated brain or not.

Here are some great images I've collected this week from around the web...
What an incredible wintery nook of a fireplace (Decor8) 

This beautiful reproduction archival prints from Sebastian Orth

And this neat number from Cart Before the Horse 

Onward into the holidays! 

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