Summer Trunk Show

So it's been maybe two years since I've had my last trunk show.  Been too busy with online orders to even wrap my mind around the concept again.  But some friends had been asking for another showing and I figured... "Hey!  This could be a good change of scenery"... and I started planning.  And then the excitement of designing designing designing and then making making making kicked in for a full month before the event- and then a flood of, "Holy shit, what did I get myself into again?!" followed... But then after last minute running around and caffeine binges, on the day of the show what unfolded made it all worth it.  I made myself some tea while setting up (a shout out to pal, Steph, for all of her huge huge help way before, all during and way after the show... and the shame is she wasn't captured in a single photo from this show- too bad, too, because she looked adorable.) and the guests started to arrive (happy, funny, sweet, and with a wide range of pitch perfect personalities).  And, lucky for all of us, Shaybu chocolates were introduced and also on hand for sampling and sale ( the dark chocolate and caramel ditties are to freaking die for). 

Photos for your enjoyment...

some guests at kick back interludes...
checking out the goodies...

here's me and Kerstin of Blue Magnolia (THE. Most. Amazing. Floral. Design. Ever.) who gifted the show with such a stunning centerpiece- that which I can't even begin to describe and that, for some reason, no photo I took of it did it justice.  Just check out her website (or her adorable boutique in Summerland, California) for happiness inducers in the form of natural beauty.
And last, and of course not least, a shot of the raffle nook.  All raffle ticket sales and a portion of Ciara Obscura sales from this event will go to Just Communities... a lovely and truly mind blowing socially progressive non profit.


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