Wedding Inspiration♥

June is, officially, Wedding month.  I was not aware of this.  But it is.  So I will now share an unfolding of some really great weddings I came across while perusing the cool blog,  100 Layer Cake.
This is for all of you planning weddings.  Or for all of you who have gotten married.  Or for all of you who like weddings.  Or for all of you who hate weddings, but who will- unwittingly- kind of sort of think maybe some of them are okay enough after seeing a few of these.
 Enjoy... (or hate.  It's your call.)
(I like that one for the much neglected guys.)

and for that perfect touch for the ladies...
( Hair adornments by moi, exclusively, at Ciara Obscura and that stunning beaded bouquet is by Stephanie Kheder Bodine at Bocage.  Model: Jennifer Borchert)

Happy Wedding Season!
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