:: June Giveaway ::

Summer's here... love is in the air... the sun is bursting... and tasty iced yum yum drinks are being gulped down.  So lots of peeing , too.
Good times.
And... AND it's giveaway time.  Here's what you get:  Love Nest bobby pins.  Just for you.  But you have to enter.  Here's how...

*GIVEAWAY RULES* (Deadline: Friday, June 25th at 11:59pm PST):
1. In just three words, share your ultimate summer dream.
2. Peruse through this blog and comment on (and/or "Like") as many posts as you feel drawn to.  Don't go overboard, just let me know what appeals to you.
3. I like when people say , "Hi" to me when I pass by them along my walks and I like holding doors for others and when doors are held for me.  Extra points for you doing the same along your daily journeys.  (Honor system, peeps.)
4.  That's that.  The winner will be announced on my Monday, June 28th blog post.

Hope the sun's out wherever you are...

(Model:  Jennifer Borchert.  Tattoos: Sebastian Orth and J Medina at Otherworld Tattoo in Santa Barbara, CA)
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