Live what you love.

A jump start of good stuff to make your week ahead something special...

I cannot even get over my gasping at how flipping adorable this site is: My Milk Toof

So sad that I can relate to way too many of these: Awkward Family Photos
And here's one from my own family. I'm that fine piece of awkwardness holding the Cabbage Patch doll... and that's Jesus, freshly risen, in the back row.

This blog: Petunia Face and, holy crap, I think I have some sort of mad crush on her because she often makes me spit out an odd clustering of tea and whatever food is left stuck on my teeth whenever I burst out a laugh at some insanely awesome thing she just wrote. LOL, peeps... L.O. freaking L.

Which brings me to my next thought: No one over the age of 23 should be typing or texting this: "LOL". And I especially love it when I'm on Facebook and an adult male aged 40 something responds in comments with "LOL :)". Just wrong.

This super fine company: Waxing Poetic of which I am proud to share that I was lucky enough to have landed a gig writing their blog and, too, writing a good portion of their website. ( And, YAY!, I also got a little blurb on their About Us page.) They are lovely people with gorgeous jewelry. I highly recommend.

And this kiss of perfection: A vintage 1930's wedding hat from Yellow Field 7. Neeeeeeeeeeeeed.

*** Oh! And congratulations to Anna/Perfect Blue Moon who is the winner of the March Giveaway! Please get in touch with me with your choice of ankle cuff. ***

Pssst... the photo up tippy top is from Gabrielle Kai.

Happy week! And, really truly, live what you love... It's good for you.
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