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Over this past year, I've had a huge increase in custom orders for bridal  hair adornments.  And since I've been enjoying working with these particular materials and color palette, I started to create limited production pieces based off of bits and goodies of some of these custom work designs.  But I'm curious as to which of the following YOU find most appealing.  You could be a bride to be, a gal drinking tea (or a stiff drink) or someone who just finds a particular one more lovely than the rest.

I'm in the process of pitching to Bride magazines so you're opinions would be much appreciated.

Please choose your favorite from the following and add your comment below.  I'll pick one of the entrants as the winner (see the very last photo for the prize).  And pretty please don't forget to leave your email in with your comment so I can contact you if you're the winner.


♥Exhibit A♥

♥Exhibit B♥

♥Exhibit C♥

♥Exhibit D♥

♥Exhibit E♥

♥Exhibit F♥

And this is the prize for the lucky winner ♥♥♥

(A pair of deep subtle metallic red textured fabric buttons on gold bobby pins... perfect for beautifying your hair and making the winter months nice and cozy.)

Thanks a bunch!
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