It is something of a teaser to have ruffles presented before me and not be allowed to touch them.  They're like mini clouds, but with more texture.  My hands just want to fiddle with the flow of fabric.  But if  these ruffles are on someone's else's clothing... AND on someone else's body... then it's probably best to just keep my tactile obsessed hands to myself.  That's why I'm wanting these beauties below all to myself.  So I can wear them, and touch them like a maniac and dance around in them.
*Note to Readers:  I am perfectly willing to receive these as gifts* (too forward?)

This luminous Victorian Inspired Silver Silk Bolero by Bonzi is nothing less than perfect.  I'm in love with this shop, based out of Ireland.  You can just feel the crisp gorgeousness in each of their designs... all handmade... all stunning.

Go Ask Alice.  Such a great name for this dress, handmade by Kate Towers. Can you see how easily your mood would lift if you wore this out maybe on a romantic stroll through the autumn woods?  It could happen.  People take strolls through the woods all the time.  And with this killer dress, I can do it while smiling AND glowing.  It's a win-win.

Oh my gosh.  This is the fluffy cloud ruffle I was talking about.  It needs me to be wearing it.  And it's called A Peaceful Afternoon and it's another handmade beauty by Sarah Seven.  If you happen to offer me a shopping spree, I'd like to use it in this dreamy shop.

Now.  Because black and red are generally a staple combination in my wordrobe, this Black Lace clutch by Sew Lola will have to be added to it in the near future.  I can't get over the sassy pants lace ruffles, like the ruffles in THESE sassy pants....

Jasmine ruffle side-tie panties by Espalore... dear me.  I think I'd take these in a lavender or petal pink.  Or black.  Or one of each.  Point is, they're pretty awesome.

I'm off to make some one of a kind ruffle hair adornments... mini clouds for your lovely locks.
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